Overcoming hurdles: dutch venture Vibers™ replaces plastic, paper and concrete
Overcoming hurdles: dutch venture Vibers™ replaces plastic, paper and concrete

No plastic, no paper, no concrete, but Vibers. Yes, even for the use of 3D printing of construction material. Vibers is the solution to replacing pollutant products and raw materials. The future is plastic-free. And dutch helps build the future by contributing to positive impact on society, people and the environment. But what is Vibers?

Vibers is made from Miscanthus, a fast growing crop that absorbs large amounts of CO2. Recently Vibers launched a new and natural looking packaging that can replace plastic and keep produce fresher for longer. You can dispose the packaging in compost waste because it is  not harmful for the environment.

The better and more sustainable option

There are more advantages to Vibers: it is stronger, lighter and fully biodegradable. Vibers is also used to make concrete  Vibers is even suitable for construction. The newest creation is the modular concrete bench that was co-designed with Bergen op Zoom municipality. A massive step for the construction sector, in which energy consumption seems to take the focus, rather than the environmental impact of applied materials. Dutch sees Vibers as the alternative to fossil fuels such as oil, and that is why dutch is not only a proud investor but valued partner in the process.

How it begun

During his travels to Borneo, Vibers’ CEO Jan-Govert van Gilst saw the destroying effects of deforestation. Coral was dying, the fish population was shrinking due to pollution in the sea and the beaches were rampant with plastic. “Because we seemingly need plastic in the Netherlands, we are consequently causing damage to nature and the environment”, says Van Gilst. That is why he started Vibers, to be able to make a difference himself.

Jumping hurdles

To make a difference is easier said than done - the barriers of market-entry are high. However, Vibers illustrates that producers, as well as consumers have an alternative – this will lead to a domino effect with other producers. Dutchers, Gerben Nij Bijvank and Jochem Sanders are guiding Vibers in this process of professionalisation, commercialisation and implementation.

dutch and entrepreneurship

Vibers is an example of the entrepreneurship dutch has been towing for 15 years: building up, scaling up, strengthening of enterprises with a sustainable drive. “We take responsibility with our role as investor and deliver success”, says CEO of dutch Meino Zandwijk. “After advice, follows implementation. Sometimes within the periphery of a project, and sometimes through entrepreneurship, but with a clear vision. Everything you undertake must contribute to positive impact on the environment, society and people”.

Innovation and entrepreneurship in your organisaton

Do you want to know more about innovation, (corporate) venturing and entrepreneurship and how we can help? Or are you interested in Vibers? Please feel free to contact Jochem Sanders.